FLL Resources

Welcome to our FLL Resources page; this is a compilation of links, advice from FLL alumni, and other useful things. Good luck this season!

Starting an FLL team:

FLL infographic-2


What is FLL?

FIRST Lego League is a competition for kids ages 9-14. Each year, a new challenge is released in which teams must create an innovative solution to a real-world problem in addition to programming an autonomous robot to complete a specific set of actions. By adhering to FLL’s Core Values of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition at competition, participants gain valuable teamwork skills while learning from others through a competitive and supportive atmosphere.

How do I get started?

The link to register a team: https://www.firstinspires.org/node/3611. Registration is $225, and two background-check approved coaches are required in order to complete the process. Once payment is submitted, you’ll be able to purchase Challenge Sets (the kit that contains the challenge elements for the season) as well as other useful things (such as the EV3 Education kit) at a discount. Some regions also will charge around $100 extra for qualifier and regional competitions depending on the event registration system(in North Texas, the fee is $125).

Recommended things to order:

EV3 Education kit/software, as well as extra light/gyro sensors and motors. EV3 expansion set and other LEGO Technic kits are helpful as well. Depending on the budget and complexity of the robot, pneumatics may also be helpful, and can be purchased through LEGO Education’s website.

Recommended places to buy parts:

Bricklink and Brickowl for individual parts (a specific type of wheel/piece, etc.). Lego Technic sets are also a great source for technic pieces.

Check out our past robots/projects:

The Robomonkeys, FLL Team 23213

Other questions?

Email us at usocfrc@gmail.com!


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